Tuesday 20th of February 2018

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Infitech Technologies is an accredited and a well-recognized company for the supply of its 100% herbal products and nutritional supplements.

Infitech Technologies offers its customers across South Africa and SADC countries a range of Dietary Organic Food Supplements, plant materials and standardized plant extracts. Our method of distribution ensures that all our valued customers have easy access to our products.

Our organically distributed herbal products and the nutritional health supplements are developed in adherence to strict quality standards -- enabling us to provide the highest quality organic products. Having realized the need for herbal products and high-energy natural nutritional supplements for people with a quest for quality living and active lifestyle, we have carefully sourced out and brought to market one of the best herbal products, natural nutritional supplements and made them available across South Africa and outside its shores.


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Our manufacturer adopts the latest technology in processing of Phytomedicines and neutraceutical products with high emphasis on R&D (Research and development). They have a vision of researching, manufacturing and distributing a range of herbal products that are better alternative and conventional competitors in efficacy, quality and goodness. The manufacturer merges traditional values and knowledge with scientific and modern components in order to provide affordable, effective and novel products.



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SA Office:

9 River Road,
South Africa.

+27 11616 0704

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